We are delighted to be able to finally announce our partnership with the ‘World’s Greenest Football Club’ – Forest Green Rovers.

 ECOMOFO! was founded to challenge the perception that you have to be a certain kind of guy to make ethical choices, in a similar way to how Forest Green Rovers have challenged the notion of what a football club is or should be.

We are immensely proud to be affiliated with FGR, inspired by their journey to create the world’s most sustainable football club, challenging an industry that has not traditionally placed sustainability at the top of the agenda. We believe the male grooming and fashion industry needs the same disruptive shake up and we want to be at the forefront of this change. Partnering with Forest Green Rovers is a huge statement, one that would undoubtedly accelerate our goal to help encourage more men to make sustainable and ethical choices that put our planet first.

Henry Staelens, CEO, FGR said: “ECOMOFO! are something a little different in the grooming industry – they manage to combine great products and environmental awareness, which is rare. So, it’s good to welcome them to FGR as our latest partner.

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Come on you Rovers!