ECOMOFO! isn't the first idea conceived over a pint in the  pub, but unlike most,  this one still seemed good in the morning...
We’re Luke & Aaron, brothers and founders of ecomofo.com.
Now back to that night at the pub. After a couple of drinks we somehow landed on the subject of how despite all our efforts to 'Go Green', it was still particularly hard to find sustainable male grooming products.
It became clear that us blokes were getting a bit short changed when it came to good quality ethical alternatives.


The morning after the night before, we were amazed to discover that there wasn’t really an exclusively ethical grooming store for men. Sure, there are tonnes of amazing eco-products out there, but finding them in one place proved to be a bit of a mission, to say the least.

It started to become clear that a solution was needed, somewhere to take the leg work out of finding high quality, sustainable alternatives that not only do the job, but feel good and look the business too.

And with that ECOMOFO! was born.


From the word go we wanted to break the perception of what an eco-store looks like. So, we’ve worked really hard to bring together a huge range of high quality, hand selected and personally tested products that cater for every ethical preference – from vegan and plastic free to organic and cruelty free. Basically, if we wouldn’t use it, we don’t sell it.

There’s an idea that you have to be a certain kind of fella to ‘Go Green’ and we just want to prove that really isn’t the case. We aren’t here to regurgitate a million facts about the state of the planet , we all know the issues; being preachy just isn’t our style - we are here to prove that being male and ethical doesn’t have to be a big deal. In fact for the most part we won't even mention it. Just know that everything you find in our store is tried and tested and meets our ethical standards. Simple.

So, whether you’re a hippie or a brickie, a craftsman or a draughtsman, a landscaper or a manscaper, we’ve got you covered.

Be sure to check us out on Insta @ecomofo_uk to keep up to date on our latest news and products.
Luke & Aaron