Written by Luke Rossiter


‘THE MOFO REVIEW OF AWESOME STUFF’ is our chance to take a look at some of the teams’ favourite products from our site and show you exactly what it is that we love about them. 

With the welcome news that we might be able to move a bit more freely this summer, the great British people have already flocked to book their well-deserved holidays and with that in mind we think now is as good a time as any to talk wash bags. Specifically, this lovely number…

If one product could summarise exactly what ECOMOFO! is all about it’s this badboy. It meets the highest ethical standards, it’s truly intuitive, offers outstanding performance and looks incredible, it really is the full package.

I’ve been using my Onenine5 wash bag for just over a year now and in that time, I’ve managed to get away twice (between lockdowns) and this bag has been a gamechanger both from a practical and aesthetic point of view.

When I first received my wash bag, I was pleased to find that it was packaged in a snug recyclable cardboard sleeve and biodegradable liner giving me every confidence that meticulous ethical consideration had been deployed at every step of this beauty’s construction. 

The vegan leather upper really is something to behold, it has a sophisticated premium finish that satisfies both visually and to touch. The quality of the exterior coupled with a pair of robust water proof zippers means that this product offers the perfect balance of both durability and style. On my old wash bag, the zips were a nightmare, I needed the dexterity of a heart surgeon to stop the zip getting trapped on the fabric, eventually this not only frayed the fabric but also my often-turbulent relationship with the bag. I am happy to report that my OneNine5 bag and I are still very much on good terms and the recurring frustration of endless zip dramas seem nothing more than a distant memory. Moving on…

A tidy slip in pocket at the back of the bag is really handy to store and access things like tickets and booking confirmations. However, the real bonus here is the hidden zip away hook, strong enough to hang your bag and offer easy access to your toiletries. I don’t know about you but when I am away I find that hotel bathrooms are more often than not a little too cosy, so being able to hang the bag on the back of a door is a real bonus in tight spaces. 

Inside the interior of this wash bag is incredible, not only have the team at OneNine5 optimised the space for every conceivable application the internal liner has been built from 100% recycled plastic. There is no compromise in quality here, each bag comes with a detachable ‘liquid bag’ held in place with magnetic fasteners, a feature has been logically designed for simple removal at airport security. Above this you’ll find a waterproof lined ‘valuables’ pocket one of seven carefully considered compartments within the bag and I’ve been blown away by just how much I can stuff into this bag. The compartments keep everything separated and the waterproof pouch means they are also kept nice and dry.

In every aspect this bag ticks our boxes both from an ethical and practical perspective, the level of consideration here is, as far as we can tell, unrivalled. The quality of construction, the ethical materials utilised along with its slick, contemporary design means that this wash bag is truly one of our favourite products.

So, if you are on the hunt for the perfect home for all of your eco-grooming essentials, either for yourself or a gift, then do yourself a favour and check out the OneNine5 bags in the ‘EXTRAS’ menu, we love it and we are pretty sure you will too.

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