Written by Aaron Rossiter


The problem with disposable razors and throwaway culture.

Personally, I’ve never been one to go through disposable razors quickly as I prefer a cheeky bit of permanent stubble than a slick baby face. In fact, I’d probably get ID’d for a lottery ticket if I took it all off! My personal preference is to trim the majority with an electric beard trimmer and tidy up around my neck and cheeks with a razor to finish off – given this is usually only once every few weeks, I could probably count the number of razors I use each year on one hand. Even with that relatively low usage however, I decided a hand full of razors thrown out each year was far too many and with that in mind I made the switch to a plastic free safety razor and haven’t looked back since.



Our throwaway culture makes it fairly easy to use something once and bin it without too much consideration, however when you think about the number of people shaving daily all over the world, whether that be faces, armpits, legs, or other areas I’ll leave unmentioned, the sheer number of razors thrown away everyday must be staggering. Similarly, to cotton buds and toothbrushes, these plastic razors are often discarded without too much thought for the 500-year journey that starts the moment you chuck them out.

Unfortunately, disposable plastic razors are rarely recycled due to their mix of different materials and the reluctance for users to remove the metal razor from its plastic handle due to the sharpness. Meaning that almost all disposable razors head straight for landfill. Not only that, but you also have the plastic packaging that disposable razors generally come in. Given that in 2018 it is estimated that 5.5m people in the UK were using disposable razors regularly, the quantity of these being thrown away each year in the UK alone is huge and, in my mind, unnecessary. Its an issue that we can all do our bit to avoid, with minimal inconvenience. I can honestly say, using a safety razor gives as good, if not better results, without the waste.



Why not check out our range of safety razors and natural shaving products and make the switch. Just imagine all the razors you could keep out of landfill and the Ocean with a click of a button. Brands like Norse, Upcircle, Hawkins & Brimble and Bambaw are leading the charge on sustainable shaving – something we are more than happy to get behind.

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