Written by Luke Rossiter


Hi, I’m Luke, Creative Director and co-founder of ecomofo.com. 

More important than that though, I’m a dad and a husband, and a pretty regular bloke in his mid-30’s.  

I’m not suave or sophisticated. I’m definitely not the fittest or the smartest. I certainly make mistakes – loads of them. Basically, I just try to do the best with what I’ve got. 

It’s also safe to say that I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll never army roll out of an accelerating sports car wearing a pristine, exquisitely tailored suit, as I prepare to complete an impossible set of challenges in order to prevent an imminent nuclear disaster.  

And I’m sorry to break it to you....

Nor will you (probably – apologises to any MI5 agents reading this). 

Yet somewhere along the line, that image, that flawless perception of what it is to be ‘male’ became the advertiser’s norm. The men that we’re told to aspire to are picturesque, emotionally disconnected, silver tongued and almost unbelievably successful. 

These are men that, in reality, do not exist.

And it never really bothered me, or at least, I never realised how much it did until now.

When Aaron – my brother and fellow co-founder – and I first started talking about what would become Ecomofo, we knew that our overall ambition was to create a store that, in its simplest form, would take the legwork out of shopping for ethical male grooming products.  

However, when we started to delve a little deeper, we saw that there was a real chance to help reinvent the way we define manliness, and take a fresh look at male representation – one more aligned to the values of modern living and more in touch with the natural world, one that’s perfectly flawed, warts and all (though if you do have warts, I’m afraid we can’t actually help with that – you should see a doctor).

After all, being male doesn’t mean being perfect. It means doing your best. Doing your bit. Speaking your mind. And acknowledging your shortcomings.

So, when you look at our site or social feeds, we won’t bombard you with images of airbrushed, sculpted demigods on private yachts, or pictures of sports cars and 5-star resorts. Because we don’t believe for a second that looking and feeling great should be something afforded only to those who’ve obtained (digitally enhanced) physical perfection and monetary success. 

Because, for too long, men have had to confront their inadequacies, be it physical flaws or mental fragilities, on their own. At Ecomofo, we think it’s about time that we embrace them. Together.


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