Written by Luke Rossiter


Here at ECOMOFO! We understand that no one is perfect, ourselves included, being totally sustainable in our day to day lives is incredibly difficult and, in some cases, virtually impossible. We don’t suggest for a second that we should all live off grid, that’s just simply not realistic. That said there are some easy wins and changes that we can all make to become a little more sustainable. Our mission is to help you achieve that through your daily grooming routine.

And you know what; it’s nowhere near as difficult as you might think.


Firstly, it’s important to note that not all products at ECOMOFO! are plastic-free. We have done our utmost to offer a predominantly plastic-free range of products and and will continue to strengthen this offering in the future.

It goes without saying, we all need to reduce plastic waste.


An easy win here is to be mindful of products like razors, cotton buds and toothbrushes, opt instead for sustainable alternatives. Swapping plastic cotton buds and toothbrushes for bamboo alternatives will offer you the same level of performance and ensure that you are doing your bit to keep plastic out of our oceans and landfill.

When it comes to shaving, consider investing in a safety razor, the Norse and Bambaw products that we stock not only offer the highest level of performance they also look incredible too. As an added bonus, using a safety razor with a double edge blade will save you money in the long run meaning that this is a simple change that will benefit both your wallet and the planet.


It might sound obvious, but we are all guilty of this, do your best to squeeze or shake out the stubborn last drops of your products, at the end of the day that last bit is just as good at the stuff at the top. For products in bottles we like to add a little splash of water and shake to loosen the goodness at the bottom, it’s a great habit to get into and ensures that you will get the best bang for your buck. When it comes to tubes invest in a good quality tube squeezer, you’ll be amazing how much further your products go.


Again, I’m sure this comes as no surprise, but we need to make sure we are reading our labels and disposing of our waste in a sustainable, responsible way. Research shows that while we are pretty good at separating our kitchen waste it’s an entirely different story when it comes to the bathroom. The fact of the matter is, there is little point in actively seeking recyclable goods if they don’t land up in the right bin. Be vigilant, read your labels.


At ECOMOFO! We love a bit of soap. Not only does it smell and feel great, all of our soaps come in recyclable cardboard, they are basically the eco super heroes of the bathroom. When it comes to baths and showers, we like to mix it up a bit and opt for soap and shampoo bars instead of relying solely on traditional bottled shampoos and shower gels. By doing this a couple of times a week you will significantly reduce your bathroom waste and dramatically increase the lifespan of your bottled products. To increase the longevity of your soap bars, pat with a dry towel after use and store in a soap tin, again making your products last is key to a sustainable routine.


If you’re starting from scratch, the transition to an eco-routine might seem a little daunting, we are here to let you know that you that there’s absolutely no need to panic. No one is saying you have to go in all guns blazing, try phasing in couple of products first. Making the switch to eco is definitely a learning curve and the best way to learn is by giving it a go. Phasing in eco products will help you to adjust your routine, find products and brands that you love and ensure that gradually you are doing your bit.

The fact of the matter is a little change goes a long way.

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